Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Afternoon Tea at The Langham

1 Southgate Avenue
Southbank 3006
P: 03 8696 8888

Last year Mel and I had afternoon tea at The Windsor as a little Christmas thing. This year we went to The Langham for "The Enchanted World of Langham Afternoon Teas". We'd looked at the menu online before going, and decided the Chocolate Indulgence Tiffin for $35 would be the way to go. Mum was in town and she came along with us - they don't have anything quite like this in ol' Woodenbong!

The stand came out much as I'd expected, based on my past experience with The Windsor, with sandwiches on the bottom, scones in the middle, and sweety little things on top... but this was The Langham, and the chocolate indulgence afternoon tea, so... there was more. We'd just finished the sandwiches (oh dear how I love those little sandwiches), and were about to start on our scones when -

- the souffle arrived. Oh. My. God. I've never had a souffle in my life, I don't think, so I followed Mel's lead on how to eat it. First a dip at the top, then pour the hot chocolate sauce into it, then dig in... uuuugggghhhh... drooooooooool. A little taste of passionfruit, if my memory doesn't fail me (which, let's face it, it might. This all happened a couple of weeks ago!), and that chocolate sauce - I was hard-pressed not to lick the little jug it came in!

The scones were great at well - light and yum, and the cream was so thick and tasty. These scones beat the efforts of The Windsor hands down.

There was extra little plate was for the chocolate droolies that wouldn't fit in the tiffin stand... nice, eh? Wonder why I didn't get a picture of that plate... never mind. I recognised a couple of these from when I had dinner here with the girls earlier in the year. The little pots of mouse at the front were a favourite then, just as they were this time - there's something about chilli and chocolate that sends my taste buds into instant orgasmic mode. And the berry thingies behind them were pretty darn tasty too. By the time we got to the brandy snaps at the back, well, I was into chocolate overload, so ended up leaving most of the chocolate custard on the plate.

I enjoyed this so incredibly much, and I'm thinking I'll do it again, even though for at least a week afterwards mum and I couldn't stomach the thought of chocolate, much less the site of it. Maybe next time I'll just have the classic afternoon tea - it still sounds good, but much less chocolate in it.


Stuart said...

Haha! I thought that second image showed a scone that had been dropped into your tea! Well, your previous sentence did end with "and were about to start on our scones when -"!

Squishy said...

The Langham is a gorgeous hotel and that High Tea looks gorgeous. Recently we stayed at the Stamford in Brisbane and they offered a High Tea we just didn't end up having enough time. I wish we had of made time now. Lucky you with a passionfruit souffle.