Monday, July 28, 2008

As an aside...

You've no doubt heard of Espressino - Mel and I have mentioned this fantastic cafe. Their motto is "Cibo con amore" and today proved it for me, yet again. I wandered in for a final coffee of the day and, on the way out, decided that a slice of their delicious pizza would brilliant for dinner. Enis asked if I wanted it heated up - I said nah, I was taking it home for dinner. She promptly grabbed up the last two slices (these things are HUGE), popped them in a bag, told me the best way to reheat them, and then didn't want to take my money! I tell you, if you CAN'T feel the love at this place, there is something wrong - it just overflows at times :-) Like a hug and kiss on the cheek on your birthday. But that pizza is tasting extremely good right now - a great base, tomato paste, cheese, thinly sliced ham, a huge wedge of a mushroom, some olives, and a slick of oil. Bliss.

But on to my main point. You might have noticed my posting has been rather erratic lately. This was partly because of my trip to Canberra. But also I have to admit that, after 18 months, working 7 days a week is starting to take its toll. Time NOT working is generally spent snoozing, or making a half-arsed attempt at keeping the house tidy! I have a back log of posts - pictures and everything! I'll get around to them...

But I don't want to get all deep and meaningful on y'all. So take care, and I'll see yuz when I see yuz :-)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eating in: CBF Again!

You know those nights where you simply can NOT be bothered making a wholesome and nutritious meal full of healthy goodness? Yeah, I'm having one of those. And before I tell you all about the food I had in Canberra (for which I'd need to find my camera... hmm), let me introduce you to my Tuesday Night Dinner - chicken kiev on chunky mashed potato.

Well, err, that's basically it. One kiev (fresh, not frozen, from the chicken place near my house - they do GREAT stuff there), one potato mashed up with a dollop of butter and a splort of milk, served up with the spilled garlicy buttery juices from the pan dribbled over the top.

It ain't particularly healthy. It probably isn't all that pretty. But it was damned nice.