Friday, September 14, 2007

Eating Out: Esspressino

Shop 7, 50 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne
Ph: 03 9662 3334

If you're up the eastern side of town and looking for a great coffee, snack, drink, or lunch, then look no further. This relatively new little place has very quickly become a favourite of mine - so much so that I rarely think to go anywhere else for my coffee or snack.

But really, where should I start when it comes to singing the praises of this little gem? Should I start with the friendly staff? The delicious selection of tarts, bombolone, or gluten-free treats (warning: these in particular are sinfully good), among other things? The yummy array of piadinas? Or the pasta I had for lunch today with Mel and Danny?

Wherever I start I can guarantee that you'll be happy with whatever you get from here.

Mel has assured me that she will put up her review of the place (and lunch today) this weekend, so once that's done I'll add a link to her post, where you can read more and see the pictures of the feast from today.

EDIT: And here it is: Esspressino, Rumbler-style


andrea said...

Hi Anna, thanx 4 your complimentary email re my music. I deleted it B4 I had a chance 2 respond so responding this way. I 2 am a fan of melbournedreaming, she's a ripper! :o) & looking @ yours now I know where 2 go 4 eating out tips - always looking 4 new places 2 try.


Anna said...

Hi andrea,

Thanks. If you want good ideas for places to eat out, give tummy rumbles a whirl. Mel and Danny have a sixth sense for good places for a cheap eat (or sometimes not-so-cheap). And there are plenty of others too.

Cheers, and keep on singing :-)

mellie said...

Thanks for the link Anna. Ahh...I feel we are becoming firm Espressino devotees. So, what time is breakfast tomorrow?!? ;-)