Thursday, September 13, 2007

90-Day Check-In

Well, folks, I was slack, and didn't report my 60-day results. They were good, in that there were losses in weight and centimetres instead of gains, but they weren't all that note-worthy.

But despite all the fine food in Canberra, and a few brushes with the dreaded flu, I've managed to keep up some steady progress.

Tonight I had my 90-day check-in, and thought I'd report some results (figures are total to date):

Resting heart rate: down 4 beats per minute
Blood pressure: MUCH better
Weight: 5kg
Hips: 5cm
Waist: 17.5cm
Thighs and Arms: 1cm each

Again, I've been told not to stress too much about the centimetres on legs and arms, as there are now definitely muscles in there! I just have to get rid of the insulation :-)

So, guys, I'm getting there. It's a slow and often painful (quite literally) process. But I'm getting there. My eating habits are also turning around.

So yeah, it's hard, but I keep trying, and it's nice to see results keep coming, however small.


thanh7580 said...

Good stuff Anna, you're doing great. I've just started doing exercise again since the weather is nice and I can jog outside after work. I've gained like 5cm around my waist during the winter months and I need to remove it now. All the baking and cakes aren't helping me. Why does good tasting stuff have to be bad for you.

Anna said...

Hi Thanh. I agree - why does it all have to taste so good, and yet be so bad?! I've re-found a few "skinny" cookbooks in my collection, so I'm going to start making a few things from there, see how I go. Maybe some banana muffins, or polenta and cottage cheese muffins... there's even a recipe here for a chocolate run and raisin loaf!! So I think I'll start heading in that direction now.

mellie said...

You are absolutely fantastic and an inspiration Anna - your dedication is finally paying off!

Great results, and most of all you are going about it the good way - sloooowly and by not depriving yourself too much of the good things in life.