Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Eating in: Bacon Leek & Cheese Muffins

When I've got something on my mind, or I'm suffering an extreme of some emotion, I love to bake. I find the structure and actions required to follow the directions soothing, I think. And today I'm in need of soothing.

So I decided to bake something I saw on Rosemary's blog a while ago, and here's the recipe.

I omitted the cheese, purely because after I started making these babies I discovered that I had none, and while I think they were lacking something, they still worked quite nicely without. Fresh from the oven (I ended up baking them for about 20 minutes instead of the 12-15 mentioned in the recipe, but these were also medium-large sized muffins), the one below was so soft and delicious it should have been criminal. Definitely something I'll be making again. Thanks Rosemary!


Mike and Rosemary said...

hi there, long time no comment! lol =^.^= thanks for trying it out, glad you liked them. The photos look really tasty, can I use the top photo on my page please?(and link back to you of course).

Anna said...

Hell, sure, no probs. I'll email you the pic now. No need to link to me - all even between friends :-)