Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eating in: CBF Again!

You know those nights where you simply can NOT be bothered making a wholesome and nutritious meal full of healthy goodness? Yeah, I'm having one of those. And before I tell you all about the food I had in Canberra (for which I'd need to find my camera... hmm), let me introduce you to my Tuesday Night Dinner - chicken kiev on chunky mashed potato.

Well, err, that's basically it. One kiev (fresh, not frozen, from the chicken place near my house - they do GREAT stuff there), one potato mashed up with a dollop of butter and a splort of milk, served up with the spilled garlicy buttery juices from the pan dribbled over the top.

It ain't particularly healthy. It probably isn't all that pretty. But it was damned nice.


Annette said...

*drool* sounds a lot nicer than the soup I got out of the freezer, lol!

mellie said...

"splort"....haha. love it.

Anna said...

Thanks ladies :-)