Thursday, January 15, 2009

December 08 Camping Trip - Day 3

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Day 3 of the camping trip saw mum and I leave Portland and head for Nelson and, from there, Princess Margaret Rose Cave. Such a shame that Google seemed incapable of giving me the ACTUAL location of PMR... ah well.

As we weren't in a hurry, we got to Nelson at about lunchtime. Feeling the siren call of a meal of fish and chips we headed into the Nelson Hotel.

There are a number of different types of fish you can have - we chose the butter fish, grilled. You can get an awfully large serve for a fraction under $20, or for a little under $15 you can get the half-serve. Mum and I elected for the half-serve, with one serving of chips shared between us so we'd have plenty of room for their salads, which the lovely ladies make themselves, fresh every day. They all tasted superb, with my favourite being a pasta salad with the most delectable dressing. Note also the massive amount of tartare sauce I've heaped on my fillet of fish... the fillet was quite a good size, but it got a little covered up.

Across the road from the pub is the boat ramp. I took so many pictures of pointless but relaxing scenery on this trip.

If you look the OTHER way from the pic above you'll see the boat sheds. I love this pic, the sheds look like they were built a damn long time ago and haven't had anything done to them since.

To walk off our lunch we went about halfway around the Livingstone Island Nature Walk, where we took in views of the mouth of the Glenelg River. Beautiful, eh? If we'd been wearing better footwear we'd have done the other half!

About mid-afternoon we headed for the cave. Along the way we saw a sign for a lookout at Donovans. Isn't it lovely?

After pitching our tent for the night at Princess Margaret Rose Cave campsite we went for a wander. We were a bit late in the day to catch a tour of the cave, but there are plenty of other things to look at there. This is the view from one of the several lookouts of the Glenelg River. Water skiing is allowed in certain areas of it, and we saw several people taking advantage of that to cut up a wash (wow, did that sound as lame to you as it did to me as I typed it?).

At the bottom of the cliff is a little jetty you can fish from. Uh, that's not it there in the pic, I'm standing on it. We had a great run with weather while we were away.

A little more on the camping at the cave - there are a few powered cabins, and also a few van sites and 8 tent sites (none of these are powered). But there is an awesome camp kitchen behind the toilet and shower block with toaster, kettle, microwave, fridge, hotplates, and a few eating utensils. There are only 2 toilets and 1 shower per gender, but with the number of people to share them so restricted we didn't have any problems. I'd recommend this camping ground without any hesitation, and I'm planning to visit there again.

It's amazing, the few words I've put on here really don't sum up how far we walked each day...

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Annette said...

Just beautiful - keep them coming!

With any luck you'll have a spare hour or so on your trip down our way to visit the Cataract Gorge, or any of the number of other hidden natural beauties in our lovely city ;)