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December 08 Camping Trip - The Final Days

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The penultimate day was also a short travelling one. We had our first bad weather of the trip in Coleraine, with rain and wind and the tent bucking around us. We ended up getting up early and sitting in the caravan park laundry where it was warm and dry. Once we hit the road, though, we more or less followed our noses.

Wannon Falls was our first detour. I can imagine these in wetter months with water gushing over this overhang. We didn't spend over long here - the old legs were starting to be a bit sore from all the walking of the previous week. After a quick explore and a few shots we hit the road again.

Only to leave it again a short distance later to check out Nigretta Falls. Again, these are infinitely more spectacular when in full flood, but what can you expect when you visit in summer? You can walk right down to the water here.

On our way through Ballarat we saw a sign for Sovereign Hill and decided to go have a look. I balked at the prices they charge to get in - it was $67.50 admission for the two of us! And to think people yell and scream and spit at me on weekends over being charged $1... Anyway, we decided that we were there, so we might as well just pay it and go in. I really wish they'd charge a reduced amount for people who arrive within 2-3 hours of closing time. There are so many things to see and do, and demonstrations, that simply aren't on after 3pm, so we missed nearly all of them. We did however see an $80k gold ingot being poured... mmmmm, shiny. Entry to SH includes in the ticket price entry to the gold museum across the road, which is... interesting, I guess. We went just on principle cos of the cost of tickets to SH!

After all that we decided to head to Daylesford. On arrival we tried to get a cabin at the Victoria Caravan Park, but they only had a campsite left. We figured we deserved to spend out last night in a bed, so started ringing around trying to find somewhere reasonably priced to lay our heads for the night. Difficult - it was holiday time, after all.

Enter this place. It's called the Pine Cone Motel (P: 03 5348 5522), and it's about 10km out of Daylesford heading east in a place called Bullarto. We were the only guests, probably because it was out of town. Nevertheless it was a lovely little place, only 6 room, and the lady who runs it was lovely.

The next day I took mum around some of the places I saw on my first visit to Daylesford. We had a quick wander around the Convent Garden, had a look at the botanical gardens, then a long wander through the stuff at the Mill Markets. We thought about staying another night, but decided we'd had enough and wanted familiar surroundings, so headed home. Of course we didn't go the direct way, that would be "normal". Instead we detoured out through Trentham.

It was a great trip, but I was still happy to get home.

The final leg:

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