Monday, January 26, 2009

December 08 Camping Trip - Day 6

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Before leaving Naracoorte we decided to check out the local caves. While they were definitely bigger than PMR, I didn't find the formations anywhere near as amazing.

There are a number of tours you can do at the Naracoorte Caves site. We chose to do the Alexandra caves guided tour. The pic above was probably the best I have. It was hard to get the angle right, what with idiot kids running around, getting in the way, and generally being a pain, but in this pic you can just make out the reflection of the stalactites in the water.

Included in the price of the Alexandra guided tour was entrance to the Wet Cave for a self-guided wander around. Maybe we just had cave-and-walking overload by this point... Either way, it was a pleasant little walk around.

Mum had heard about a little lane in Penola where you could wander down and see cottages from ages gone by. After a rather disappointing lunch (I won't mention any more about that) we found our way to Petticoat Lane and ambled along. This field o' lavender was enough to set my temples pounding.

The showpiece of the lane is definitely the two Sharam's cottages. Much of the history behind them now escapes my memory, but check out the link. Those cottages are tiny! So hard to believe people used to bring up entire families in that small amount of space. Reminds me somewhat of the terrace houses that used to be behind my work building. And here I am rattling around a much bigger place all on my own, with almost enough stuff to fill it!

We'd originally intended to stop at Casterton that evening, but ended up pushing on to Coleraine. We had our first dose of bad weather that night... rain, wind, the tent bucking around us... Scary!

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