Friday, January 09, 2009

Waddaya Mean It Costs More?!

[begin rant]

Hear ye, hear ye. A new addition has been made to my blacklist.

Olivino (Shop 1, 50 Lonsdale Street) used to be one of the places I quite liked to go for breakfast and lunch.

No more.

I rocked up this morning to have myself a serve of their fruit toast and some tea for a sit-down breakfast. The blackboard claims to provide fruit toast and coffee for $6. Previously that's what I've paid for toast and tea there, so ahead I go and order. "That'll be $6.40" the unsmiling face at the register tells me. I ask "Pardon?". He affirms the price. I ask why the extra. He tells me tea costs more.


So I say I'll have a decaf coffee instead. That costs more too. So I stick with the tea.

I've made mention before of a place that has charged me extra for tea. I was equally unamused this time.

FFS, why is tea more expensive? How is it more expensive to throw a few leaves in a pot and fill it with water? There's less milk involved, less tea per POT than coffee per CUP. Why? Answer me that?

AND, to add further insult, the fruit toast at Olivino is markedly smaller than it used to be. And I think the price has gone up.

I have a few tips for Olivino:

1. Get real.

2. Use half as many leaves in the pot as you currently do(or even less) - you don't need that much in that size pot.

3. I like leaf tea. I prefer leaf tea. And if you're gonna give someone leaf tea, give 'em a strainer too.

Seriously, what the frack am I meant to drink? Gee I can't wait for Espressino to open up again next week. Better tea, better service, just better.



Annette said...

My suggestion: Go back another day, ask for a pot of hot water instead of the coffee. Insert tea bag or leaves. Enjoy undersized fruit toast. Spit on table. Leave no tip! lol

Squishy said...

I can't honestly understand why they would charge more for tea. That just sounds stupid. Makes no sense.

ElegantGourmand said...

Olivino has also made my blacklist, for 2 reasons.

The first one is a chicken and avocado foccacia that looked OK in the display cabinet, but was actually very greasey and filled with a too rich mayonnaise. Bleh!

The second reason (and the deal breaker) was attitude that we received from a waitress. A friend and I had ordered coffee and were waiting for these at an outside table. The waitress brought one caffe latte out at first. Mystified, we quickly told her that we had ordered two coffees, to which she responded curtly "it's coming" and stormed back inside! When she came back with the other coffee, she remarked sarcastically, "is there anything else I can get you?" I should have said "Yes, how about toning down the attitude?"

Grrr, no more Olivino's for me.

evan said...

Olivino has actually changed ownership! The service is a lot better than before, and the waiters are much more friendly. I had a salad for lunch, and it kept me going for more. Now i go everyday for their salads and hot food.

Maybe you guys should go try again. The new staff will change the way you view Olivino right now.