Sunday, January 25, 2009

December 08 Camping Trip - Day 5

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As you can see, we took the long way to get to a few places. From Mount Gambier we headed for Naracoorte, but not on the most direct route.

As you can see, the overcast weather followed us a way to Beachport. This jetty used to be something like 4,000 feet long. That's a fraction over 1.2km in the new-fangled metric system. It's not that long now - only about 2,200 feet (670m).

Once we got to Naracoorte the weather improved quite a bit. That evening mum had a small tooth incident - would you believe there wasn't a dentist to be had in Naracoorte, Casterton or Hamilton until mid January? Sheesh. Still, she soldiered on. From Naracoorte we could easily have made it back to Melbourne inside a day, but mum decided it wasn't that urgent.

Naracoorte isn't the most thrilling place... There's an interesting museum-type setup at the information centre with plenty of info on the old shearing days. I'll tell you about the caves we saw the next day in another post.

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