Monday, October 20, 2008

Melba Restaurant at The Langham

1 Southgate Avenue
Southbank VIC 3006
P: 1800 641 107

So where do a bunch of women who are sick of dealing with the scum of humanity go when they want a nice night out with good food? We heard the Melba Restaurant at The Langham should be just the thing. We booked ourselves in for a $69.90 buffet on Sunday, got ourselves all dolled up, piled in the car, and off we went.

I won't go into the minute details of the evening: it's sufficient to say that there was a lot of laughter, a lot of chatting, and a LOT of food. I will elaborate a little more on the food, though.

The buffet is set out basically into six or seven islands:

1) breads and cheeses
2) anti-pasto-style foods
3) roasted joints of meat and vegies
4) this is the bit I can't remember if there's more food there or not... I missed it
5) indian-style food, including a little man who'll make your naan on request
6) seafood. Oysters, mussels, crab... lots and lots of it all
7) the most important: dessert

We kicked off with a couple of cocktails. I had the one pictured. I can't remember the name, "Vanilla" something... vanilla-infused vodka, passionfruit, caramel, and possibly one or two other things. Don't let the ingredients put you off, if you ever go to the Melba you have GOT to try this baby.

Hits of the night included the bread and cheeses, anti-pasto, naan, seafood, and most of the desserts.

Misses were the creme caramel (well, I assume that's what it was meant to be) and the service, which was a little hit-and-miss. When we ordered water the sparkling water arrived, but still water had to be requested again. When we ordered cocktails two arrived, but we again had to request the third (mine) once more. We had ordered a birthday cake and they did bring it out when we asked... however we then had to ask for a knife... and then some plates.

Overall I really enjoyed the night, but that could have been largely because of the company I was in. I did enjoy the food (particularly the cocktail, fresh-made cheese-and-garlic naan, a tropical-pandan-sponge with yummy jelly on top, and the chocolate mousse with a drop of chilli-chocolate ganache) but I'm not sure I'd go back... but hey, you should definitely give it a go!

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