Saturday, June 30, 2007

Eating Out: Hogs Breath Cafe

My brother and I had already decided, BEFORE the China T event, that we'd get together at some point and pig out (hahahaha) at Hogs Breath Cafe. Well, finally, we did it.

We checked out the menu online and had some idea of what we would order. One thing we definitely wanted to share was the $19.95 "Finger Food Combo"...

It was mammoth. Grilled beef skewers, vegie spring rolls, chicken tenders, salt-and-pepper calmari, and a choice of lime sweet chilli or honey mustard dipping sauces. Frankly, we decided we'd both be happy to just have one of those each as our entire meal, but nooooo, we had to go and order a main...

This monster was the New York Grill with calamari and I think mushroom sauce. Served up with vegies and cheese sauce. Seriously, what are those New-Yorkers thinking - the thing must have been at least two inches thick!!!!! Marty took it on gamely, but wasn't able to finish the plate. He was very happy with it, though.

I ordered the rump with curly-fries (GOTTA have the curly-fries!) I ordered the diane sauce, but it sat almost completely untouched -- the steak was THAT good. The vegies were awesome too - not over-cooked or soggy, just nice. And ooohhhh, the curly-fries... so good, but so bad...

Total bill was about $90 for the two of us, including a soft drink each. Steep, yes, but you get some damn fine food, and if you're still hungry after what we had, you have some kind of mutant stomach. Even dessert stomachs didn't want any more!

I tried to find the location we went to on their website, but couldn't really be sure. We went east-side, but it was only a short trip towards the city from Berwick... so I don't know! But there are a few locations here in Melbourne, so give it a go.

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