Thursday, June 07, 2007

The First Workout

Well, it wasn't exactly what you'd call a "workout": it was going through my weights program, making sure weights etc. were suitable. Together with the cardio it's a challenging program, but within my capabilities. And after that I thought "ah, screw it, I'm here, I'll jump on the treadmill for 15 minutes". Very glad to see "How I Met Your Mother" on the TV while I slogged it out!

I always loved the rowing machine, so I'm very happy they made it a feature of the cardio workout. And I even kept up with my trainer!!! OK, so it was only for 5 minutes, and I was on level 4 while she was on 10, and she's 45 and I'm... younger. But it felt good to keep up the same rate as her! Anyway, just chatting to The Boy (Nathan) and I mentioned something that I'd forgotten -- a workout really helps me sort out my head. I don't know why. And the rowing machine lets me get into an almost zen-like state: something about the rhythm, the smooth motion... I don't know.

Forgive me, I seem to be in a very philosophical mood... all those lovely exercise-chemicals surging around my body, no doubt. Sweat is yucky, but feeling quite good after a little light movement.

So folks, it's started. Hopefully it will continue before work tomorrow morning (ie. 5.30am at the gym... *groan*) with a full weights session. Finishing up with a little cardio.

I've also rediscovered all my "skinny" cookbooks, so will have to start trying dishes more from these.

Wish me luck!


thanh7580 said...

I've read that exercise makes a lot of people think and get philosophical. For me though, the monotonous repetition of running just makes me so bored. I just have to slog it out.

Anna said...

One thing I'm glad about - a bit of variety in the program they've worked out for me.

Did the weights component this morning, was great! Although my arms and legs (and my tummy, ooohhhhhh owie!) are STILL feeling a little shocked - they had no idea what had hit them. But I was in a disgustingly good mood with all those happy-chemicals released.

mellie said...

You go girl!

melbourne dreaming said...

Yeah! Keep it up, and I agree that variety is the key. I get bored on a treadmill, but I don't mind 10 mins on a bike or cross trainer. I recommend yoga for the feel-good without the owies.

Anna said...

You betcha, mel! Just don't go dragging me off for too many yummy lunches :-)

Hi Melbourne Dreaming. Mm, yoga. The closest this place does to yoga is Body Balance, and they have two classes a week that I am able to attend (stupid commuting to work, takes up so much time). They also have a Pilates class, so hoping to have a crack at that too.

mellie said...

Hmm...yes, I need to cut down on the yummy lunches myself, and up the trips to the gym. I plead guilty as charged ;-)