Tuesday, June 05, 2007

A New Start

Tests were performed. Measurements were taken. And the news was just as bad as I thought it was going to be -- which didn't make it any easier to hear.

This evening I had my first consultation at AeroMax Fitness Club. It was a "fitness assessment". I really should have saved them the trouble and just ticked "crapulent" against every measure. Flexibility? Crapulent. Core Body Strength? Crapulent. Confidence? Crapulent. You get the idea.

Why did I do it? Why did I decide to pay a large chunk of money each fortnight to these people when I KNOW what I'm meant to be eating, that I'm meant to be exercising?
I'm about to bare my all (well, not literally) to you now: because, I'm tired. I'm tired of making excuses to myself. I'm tired of dragging this body around with me. And avoiding mirrors. And all the general sh*t that goes with NOT being happy with yourself. The club I've joined, and the program I'm on, is heavy on the motivation and support in the first few months, until you've (hopefully) established a habit of healthy eating and exercising, with regular follow-ups after that. They open early and close late. They're right down the road. All good reasons for me to start this, and keep going with it. Which is why I'm nattering on about it here - I want your help.

This blog is all about sharing my interests. A big one is changing my life for the better. So each month I plan to post my achievements. I'm not going to put up starting weight or measurements (that would be far, far to painful), but any changes in these will be duly reported. I'm hoping that by making my achievements (or failures) public it will help me stay focussed on what I want: to be fit and healthy. With fitness and health will come muscle tone and weight loss. I'm realistic - I know it won't happen in a day, or a week. It'll take a while.

But at the end of it I'm hoping that I'll make peace with the person I see in the mirror. Might even end up almost liking the bitch. But let's not get too carried away.


Mike and Rosemary said...

Hey well done! I must admit, the couple of months where I was going to Fitness First three mornings a week to do spin (excercise bike) classes I was feeling great and fitting my thin pants in no time. Then it got cold and wintery and I just wanted to sleep in instead of going to gym before work. The plan you've mentioned sounds like it could help you to avoid this scenario :) Good luck!!! Rosemary

lulu said...

hey - congratulations and good luck with your pending challenge - you can do it!

thanh7580 said...

Go Anna. I've started jogging again and its so tough. But then a step on the scale always reminds me that I must do it or I cannot eat all the good food I like without blowing out like a whale.

You just have to stay focused and even when you don't feel like it, you must keep the routine and exercise. Diet (not depriving yourself of food but eating the right food) is also very important in improving your fitness.

Anna said...

Thanks for your support guys :-)

I had started walking, but when I leave for work it's dark, when I get home it's dark, and I just don't feel safe walking around in the dark!

Rosemary - are you riding to work now? And how's the smoking quitting going? Reminds me, must check out the latest on you blog...

lulu - Thanks!

Thanh - Yeah, I know all the things I SHOULD eat, but all that other stuff is just so damn good... But yes, eating sensibly and not denying yourself everything, just eating responsibly, is the key to making the most of any exercise. *sigh* I guess I won't be checking out Walkers Donuts on mellie's blog any time soon though!