Saturday, June 09, 2007

The Socialite Saga

Now, far be it for me to perpetuate the publicity of Paris Hilton's arrest and jail sentence, but I just have to get this off my chest.

She broke the law. The punishment for this was deemed to be a maximum of 45 days jail - a fraction less than 8 weeks, not even 2 months. Instead of sucking it up and doing the time for the crime, what does the poor little skank do? Whinges and moans and says she has to go home for "medical reasons", which some reports say is no more than a skin rash. Aaaawww, diddums. Thankfully I hear on a news update that she has been sent back to jail, crying for her mummy the whole time. In those famous words - "have yourself a nice big cup of harden the f--- up".

The only thing more annoying about this story is the fact that it is simply impossible to avoid hearing about it, seeing it on the news, or generally trying to forget this person even exists.

Is it just me, or is anyone else absolutely sick to death of hearing about her ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME?!


melbourne dreaming said...

Oh.My.God I so know what you mean. Every freakin' day, she is in the paper YET AGAIN, for doing nothing YET AGAIN. Why are people so obsessed with this twitter-brained bimbo?!


kitchen hand said...

Blame mainstream media. Newspapers are running scared. They think it is what people want in an age of Big Brother, D-grade celebrities and manufactured 'actors' and pop stars.