Sunday, June 24, 2007

Eating Out: BB's Coffee & Bake

Shop T132, Werribee Plaza
Cnr Heaths & Derrimut Road, Hoppers Crossing
Ph: 03 9749 3900

The humble Devonshire Tea has a very warm and fuzzy place in my memories. I can still remember the first time mum bought one for me... I felt so grown up! When we went into town to get our groceries for the month there was a little cafe, which is still there as far as I know, in Lismore Shopping Square where she'd have a devonshire tea and I'd have pikelets with jam and cream and a milkshake. I remember seeing mum spread the jam on those huge soft scones and sipping her coffee and thinking "wow, that's the ultimate afternoon tea for grown-ups". Then the day finally came when I was allowed to have those scones. The memories of those times when I was younger still make me smile.

Anyway, we were sitting around at the gym talking about our favourite places to grab a snack and someone mentioned BB's at Werribee Plaza (Big W end, at the Safeway entrance). I saw a devonshire tea on offer for $6.40 and thought "yeah, I'll have that".

Unfortunately I'd taken a swipe at the chocolate-powder-frothy-milk before I took this picture. The scones were lovely - soft and fluffy with a sprinkling of icing sugar. Enough jam for my tastes. The cream was from a can... but was nice nonetheless. The hot chocolate I ordered was up there in the top 5 for taste. It was a pleasant interlude in an otherwise busy day. I had a look at other foods on offer: muffins, cakes, the usual cafe snacks -- I might make this place a regular spot for a cuppa when I'm out and about.

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