Saturday, February 14, 2009

An old favourite - ricotta and spinach turkish bread

I'm having one of those afternoons: on my feet since about 6.30am, asshats abounding at work at the markets, then an afternoon filled with walking, and I really can't be bothered taking too much effort with my dinner.

But lo, what's this... free turkish bread rolls from a stallholder at the markets. Hm... a quick flit to the shops produced some lovely fresh ricotta, and some salad spinach leaves (and a whole heap of other stuff that I hadn't originally planned to buy).

On goes the oven to heat, then I split the turkish bread roll in half and slathered some ricotta on the bottom. Covered that with a generous heaping of spinach, and topped it with a smattering of grated cheddar then the top of the roll. Threw it in the oven for 10-15 minutes to heat through, melt the cheese and crunchify the crust.



mellie said...

Sounds like you made borek. Yum!

And that's pretty much what I had for brekky at the Vic Market this morning too ;-)

Anna said...

Similar, yah, but I always thought borek was made with layers of pastry. Much the same thing, I guess.

Planning on making ricotta and spinach pockets with the leftovers so there's a chance they'll make an appearance as lunch next week :)