Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eating Out: Rendezvous Cafe

Shop 4 Salamanca Square
Battery Point
Hobart TAS 7004
P: 03 6224 8638

It's not often that I get to eat lunch at Hobart, so it was interesting finding somewhere everyone agreed on. Rendezvous got nods from all three heads.

R ordered nachos. Looked good! Tasted alright too.

S got a souva... I think Hobart should leave the souvlakis to Melbourne. This was apparently ok, but you just can't compare it to something slapped together at 2am in a dingy shop on Brunswick Street...

I had the "gourmet chicken burger". Brie, baby spinach, tomato, chicken fillets, and tomato relish. Very nice.

I ended up going back to this place for breakfast the next day. The brekky menu is quite good. I decided on french toast. What came out was chopped fresh strawberries scatted over 3 pieces of eggy-crusted bread, dusted with icing sugar. A dollop whipped cream sat on the side, and a pot of maple syrup was provided. It was fabulous. If only I'd remembered the camera.

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