Wednesday, February 25, 2009


18.50hrs: Hm, I remember these strange contraptions.... oh yes, that's right, adjust the seat height with this knob, twiddle that one to set the distance back... heave-ho and up onto the seat I go and my GOD why don't they make these things a bit more comfy?

18.55hrs: OK, feeling good, loosening up after the workout last night. I can do this. It's only 45 minutes. I can do this.

19.02hrs: I have to get my heartrate HOW high during the warmup? Are you kidding? Hrm... no, really, it's not so bad. I can do this.

19.10hrs: peddle peddle peddle what? Stand up and peddle to the beat? OK.... peddle peddle peddle ow peddle ow ow peddle OW ok 5 more and I'll sit back down oh my GOD that hurts peddle sit... are these people inSANE?

19.15hrs: sprint? You want me to peddle HOW fast?! Hmm... here we go... how does everyone else make their legs go round and round that quickly? Don't they have joints? Or bones?

19.20hrs: aw come on, how can it have only been 20 minutes? How am I gonna survive another 25?

19.28hrs: no matter what, just keep peddling. Listen to the music, get into the music, whatever I do DON'T STOP PEDDLING. I can do this.

19.35hrs: my butt is completely numb. Is it still on the seat? I think so... at least I'm not falling off. The only thing keeping my legs going is the spinning wheel pulling them around.

19.42hrs: there's only one track to go? One track to... Yay! One track to go!! I can't believe I've made it this far.

19.45hrs: aahh, cool down. What? Let go of the handle bars? Are you frikkin' kidding me? Hesitantly let go... didn't fall off, yay! Aahh, wheels going around slower, stretching upper body... aaahhhhh, bliss.

19.47hrs: oh no. Oh hell. Oh sh*t. I can not get myself off this damn bike. My numb bum doesn't know where it is, and my legs are refusing to lift me the required inch to get off the seat. Ok, 1 2 3 and HEAVE. Woot, I'm off!

19.48hrs: oh, a little wobbly... ok here's the trainer. Smile. Say 'thank you' with apparent sincerity (well, really, it was sincere, but it's hard to look it when you feel half-expired). Look happy, as though happy-exercise-endorphins are flooding your system instead of the truth. Feel bouyed by the trainer saying that you'd done well, and should come back to the class again next week.

I know my fitness level leaves a lot to be desired, but my trainer said I should try the cycle class to complement my resistance workout. She said I would probably not be able to keep up with the class, but that I should try everything and, no matter what else, just keep peddling. And you know what? I did. I doubted myself quite a few times during that class. But no matter what else happened, I kept making my legs go round and round. When I couldn't keep up with the rest of the class I peddled in time with the beat and added a bit of load. And really, 10 minutes after class finished I felt really good.

Well, until this morning when I tried to walk up a flight of steps and couldn't make my legs pull me up. I ended up hauling myself up with the railing.

But I'll be back on that damn bike next Tuesday night.


mellie said...

You go girl!

I hear you can buy special shorts with extra padding to prevent such numbness ;-)

Anna said...

Ta :)

I've heard about those shorts too, but seriously, the last thing my butt needs is MORE padding!! hehe

Annette said...

You are a brave, BRAVE girl! There is no way in hell I could do an entire one of those classes. But really - well done!!

melbourne dreaming said...

Hey Anna, well done!! I have done ONE spin class in my life and it nearly killed me. I remember having sweat literally dripping off me and feeling like I was going to die.

But lately I find myself thinking about trying it again... maybe I will :) you've inspired me!