Thursday, February 12, 2009

Eating Out: Ingleside Bakery

4 Russell Street
Evandale TAS 7212
P: 03 6391 8682

I can admit that the Ingleside Bakery is a favourite stop of mine for lunch when I'm in the area. There's just so many things to choose from - something from the menu, or a pie, or a cake, or some slice, or biscuits... They do a pretty decent coffee too. The next pictures are a random sample of things we've eaten there.

Ham and salad sandwich - thick soft bread, crisp salads, lovely ham.

Spinach and ricotta quiche and salad - biiiig plate makes it look tiny, but there was plenty of food there. The salad is dressed with a light balsamic for added flavour. The chutney to the side was delicious.

BLT - a real monster of a sandwich. R ended up admitting defeat in the end and couldn't finish it, just picking to make sure he got all the bacon :-)

This was.... oh yes, a toasted leg ham. tomato and mozzarella foccacia. Brilliant.

Evandale is about 10-15 minutes from Launceston Airport, and gets pretty busy at lunchtime, but really I'm not surprised. I've enjoyed the food every time I've been there. Prices are damned reasonable too.

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Annette O'Brien said...

OH GOD their food is just sooooo damn good! Especially when tired and/or overworked when anything would do, but nothing can pick you up like a feed from this place.