Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Be What You Teach

Every now and then I cruise on over to the All Men Are Liars blog to read the latest on Sam's mind. Quite often I roll my eyes with a resigned laugh at the stuff that comes out of his keyboard. But sometimes he pens a piece (and it'll get comments) that really gets me thinking, like the one I've linked to.

It really is true - kids learn from what they see you doing, not what you TELL them to do.

A few years ago I was living with a then-boyfriend (ug, what was I THINKING dating that freak?!) and every second week his kids stayed with us. All four of them. And I really loved those kids. I guess I still do, but it's been years since I last saw them. I still think about them every day, though, and miss them. Anyway, it's a little scary the things they notice about what's going on, and the way you live your life. I hope I was a good example to them, particularly the oldest two (both girls). These girls were largely ignored by their parents, unless their parents wanted them to do something. I guess it was only natural that we'd click, and I would become a type of older sister/friend to them. We'd often head off to the park, or I'd take us for a drive somewhere, and we'd talk. About anything and everything. They'd tell me things they couldn't or wouldn't tell their parents or school friends, and I hope I was a good source of advice, or at least reassurance.

More than that, I hope they picked up on all the little things I do that are good (NOT the bad stuff)... but I guess you can't really choose what people notice about you.

In recent times the number of children in my social sphere has increased quite a bit - from basically none, to half a dozen or so bubs and toddlers. And with all these new little people now in my orbit, even though I might not see some of them all that often, I'm wondering what they'll learn from me. I think I'd better get my act together to make sure they see the best of me, and not so much of the worst.


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