Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Eating Out: Coffee Delight

Lonsdale Street (just down from the corner of Spring, near the IGA)

What you see above is the gastronomic delight that is a sandwich from the shop across the road from work: Coffee Delight.

This place has really created a place for itself in my stomach. My usual order there is remembered, to the point where I don't have to speak: just nod, and point. It goes something like this:

I walk in.
The lovely guy at the sandwich counter holds up his fingers: 1 or 2.
I respond (sometimes 1, usually 2).
If it's 1 he asks: chicken or ham. If it's 2 he knows it's both :-)
I respond.
No more interaction necessary, and I get my sandwiches exactly the way I like them (1 ham, beetroot and cheese, and 1 chicken, beetroot and cheese).

Well, today I decided to be different. He was shocked. Stunned. Gobsmacked! For two years I've been going in once every week or so and ordering the same damned sandwiches. But not today.

Today we have an egg and lettuce. Nice. Simple.

But what about that monster?

Roast beef, cheese, tomato, cucumber, lettuce. And they STACK it on (which is one reason why I like that place: they don't skimp on the fillings. Another is the chicken is REAL chicken). The roast beef and salad sandwich, when I'd flattened it somewhat, still stood at a massive 6.5cm tall - and I know, cos I measured it.

Friendly staff, nice fresh salads, and your standard deep-fried goodies. A nice place to duck in for a bite when you just want something simple.


Truffle said...

I work at Spring Street some days and am always looking for a new lunch location. Those sandwiches definitely look worth a try. Roast beef is my favourite!

kitchen hand said...

Places like that are overlooked, sometimes snobbishly, by the food literati.

I had a sandwich at exactly the same kind of place in Little Lonsdale the other day - just a straightforward chicken and salad roll, but a breath of fresh air in a world of wraps, sushi, complicated juice blends and a million different coffees.