Monday, July 09, 2007

30-day Check-In

Well folks, tonight I had my 30-day check with the gym.

The results so far:

Blood pressure: MUCH better
Weight: loss of 1.9kg
Hips: loss of 3cm
Thighs (R/L): loss of 2cm/0.5cm
Arms (R/L): no change (trainer advised that as I'd put on muscle and still losing the fat that may hinder the measurements of arms and thighs going down. And I can actually feel muscle!)

But then, the measurement that bought tears to my eyes, and earned me high-fives from the trainer and other staff....

Waist: loss of 13.5cm

The next check-in is in 30 days time again.

I know I'm feeling better, I'm definitely fitter, and I've finally kicked that cross-trainer into submission. Weights have to be increased in the resistance workout, and it's taking more and more effort to get my heart rate up to it's target workout level. So things are going well. And, considering I'm still a bit naughty now and then with my food, I'm stunned there have been any results! A week in Canberra eating out and catching up with old friends (plus one very big night on the booze) didn't help either!

But, it's progress, and it's a start. Stay tuned for more in 30 days.


Cindy said...

They look like great results to me - congratulations! I hope it'll give you the motivation to push through the next 30 days. :-)

thanh7580 said...

Go Anna, congratulations on the results. Now the hard part will kick in, to keep going when the results start to slow down.

Anna said...

Thanks for your comments, cindy and thanh.

They've made my workouts harder, and I'm determined to really harden the f- up when it comes to eating well, so hopefully this next 30 days will deliver some results. I'd be happy with a steady couple of kilo's a month: inside of 12 months I'd be right where I want to be, fit and healthy, and the correct weight for my height.

Time will tell. I'll know I'll plateau - it's natural - and to plough through it and keep going will be hard. But it's the same old thing - the brain knows it all, but the body... well, yeah!