Thursday, July 19, 2007

Eating In: Salmon and Sweet Potato Patties

I really love the Super Food Ideas magazine. And Ready Steady Cook :-D (side note: I have a particularly high regard for Jacqui Gowan, of Garfish at Kirribilli - I love what she does with her ingredients, plus she's cute ;-) one day I'll go to Sydney and eat there!)

But I digress. The latest SFI had a recipe for Salmon and Sweet Potato Patties. I figured, continuing on from my salmon adventure of last week, I'd give 'em a bash.

Now, I certainly didn't need to feed four. And some of the ingredients I didn't have. So instead I'll tell you the variation I did. If you want the original recipe you'll need to grab the magazine.

Salmon and Sweet Potato Patties

Dice a 200g orange sweet potato and cook it in the microwave with a little water for about 5-7 minutes until it's tender (time depends on your microwave. I have an old one, think it's about 650W). Roughly mash it up.

Drain a 215g can of pink salmon really well, then pick out the big bones. Tip the salmon into a bowl and separate it into flakes with a fork. Add one chopped spring onion, and a dollop of sweet chilli sauce. Mix that together, then add the sweet potato and combine it all with a fork.

Now it gets fun! Get your hands into it! Shape tablespoon-full amounts of the mix into slightly flattened balls, then coat them in plain flour (shaking off excess), dip them into beaten egg, then coat them in breadcrumbs. From there you're meant to stick them in the fridge for half an hour... but I was hungry. So I compromised: I put them in the fridge while I cleaned up.

Then add a little oil (or spray some) to a frypan and cook them, a few minutes on each side, until brown and heated through. This made five patties for me.

Of course, no meal in my house is complete with the frozen vegies, so here they are: salmon and sweet potato patties with a slick of sweet chilli on top, with my frozen veg.

But they were SO damn gooood... I had this plate, then found myself eyeing off the remaining three!

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