Monday, March 05, 2007


Well, it's been more difficult than I thought to get sponsorship for the World's Greatest Shave. It seems that many people won't sponsor me purely because they don't want me to shave my head! Come on everyone, support the Leukaemia Foundation and give me a good excuse to give my beanie and hat collection a good workout.

In other news, a terribly bad, horrible, nasty, generous, lovely lady who shall remain nameless gave me something yesterday that will keep me entertained for many months to come, particularly during winter. I'm planning to make use of it this weekend, and will be sure to blog the results.


mellie said...

I promise to sponser you as I can't wait to see you in a funky beanie :-)

And must have done something really special to get such a wonderful gift ;-) I look forward to seeing the products of it on your blog!

thanh7580 said...

Good luck with the Shave For A Cure. I reckon you should go the whole way and take it all off. I did the Shave last year and it was totally liberating. I have never shaved my head before and it was quite strange for about one day. After that though, it was great. The freedom you feel without hair is quite a strange sensation.

Anna said...

Hi Mel,
Me? Do something special? Ha! 'Sif! Although I am going to have to cultivate a closer relationship with my butcher, to be able to get the cuts of meat I'll be needing!

Hi thanh7580
Yeah, I think reducing my get-ready-in-the-morning time to about 5 minutes will be nice - at the moment average shower takes 10 minutes, and most of that is spent cleaning my hair! And no stuffing around trying to make it look presentable before leaving the house. But I just can't stomach going down to skin, so will leave a little fuzz.