Saturday, February 17, 2007

Hey, Baldy!

As some may know, I'm planning on doing the World's Greatest Shave for a Cure this year. While the shave itself is taking place on 15-17 March, I was planning to do it in mid-April due to a wedding commitment to an old friend: I don't want to run the risk of ruining any wedding pictures!.

Originally I'd planned to go the full-on shave, down to the skin, but then decided that going down to a number 4.5 would be good enough. Anyway, I am still hoping to do it (provided I get a decent amount of money raised: at LEAST $1,000), however I've hit an unexpected problem:
I want the shave done properly, but I can't find a hairdresser that will do it for me! Even when I explain what it's for, the four that I've asked so far have put a horrified look on their faces and said "oh no, we couldn't do it, your hairs just too nice!" (why, thank you!).

The picture above was taken (alas, by me) just before christmas after I'd had a trim and colour done, and then the hairdresser had straightened it for me (it usually has a bit of a wave through it). Not sure if you can gauge the length from this pic... Maybe it's a bit longer than halfway down my back....

Originally I thought I would like to donate the hair to be made into a wig, however I've found out that it has to be un-coloured to do that, and alas I don't think mine has been un-coloured in... ooohhh... gee..... well, a fair while. It's a shame it'll be going to waste :( I would have loved for someone to have had it.

{Post-publish note: My brother, wise man that he is, has suggested that if I hack it all off and THEN go into a hair dresser they'll do it for me! Then we got talking about how I wished I could have it made into a wig, he suggested I keep it. And I thought, "yeah! If I put it into a pony-tail and cut it off, then I can keep the tail..." I shouldn't talk to my brother, he's evil :) hehe}

So, the question is:


melbourne dreaming said...

Hey there! Thanks for the link :) -you have made my day. Nice site as well, about one of my all-time favourite subjects - FOOD! Man, I could talk about food all day (in between eating).

Man, I would want more than $1,000 to shave my head. Maybe if I was better looking I could get away with it, but I would look seriously freaky with no hair - I look freaky enough with the blonde locks.

Best of luck with the fund-raising - I will be keeping an eye on your progress!

Anna said...

Hi Melbourne Dreaming.

Ah, food. When I was younger I didn't like it (what an idiot I was). Now I love good food.

Hehe, my guy is hoping I don't reach that $1,000. I won't be shaving my head for anything less than that. More is just a bonus. If I don't reach the magical figure I've agreed to colour my hair in the wildest colours I can find. And leave it like that all day. But I won't be shaving off well over a foot of hair for anything less than my target :-)

Love your website, by the way.