Sunday, February 11, 2007

French Toast

This entry really should be titled "How to take an essentially healthy breakfast and junk it right up". As we all know (don't we?) french toast is just bread soaked in beaten egg mixture (with a little bit of milk, if you're like me). And considering the only bread I seem to eat is either wholemeal or multigrain, you'd think that, all in all, this is quite a healthy breakfast... and it is, I guess, until you add syrup and icing sugar!

Although I really think I shouldn't try to spiffy up my pictures... the "casual drizzle" of syrup around the plate didn't really work, did it! Put it down to my still waking up at the time.

So, 2 eggs in a flat- or wide-bottomed bowl with a splash of milk, mix it all up really well with a fork. Throw the first bit of bread in, move it around a bit, flip it over, then chuck it into a pan that's been heating over a low heat (I don't have non-stick stuff so used a bit of canola oil spray... I guess if you had teflon-coated stuff you could forgo that). When the bottom is toasty and browned flip it over. Adjust the heat as you go till you find the right level. When it's browned on both sides flip it onto the plate and do the same with your second piece of bread. Arrange them on the plate any old way you feel like, drizzle with syrup and sprinkle some icing sugar over the top.

Brilliant - a great weekend breakfast, done in next to no time. If I have a little egg mixture left over (which I invariably do) I throw it into the pan for a few minutes to cook (because of the milk it spread out quickly and thinly over the pan, so doesn't take long at all to cook through) and have it with the toast - hate waste!!

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