Saturday, March 31, 2007

Eating Out: Torquay Hotel-Motel

36 Bell Street, Torquay
03 5261 2001

Last night I cruised on down to Geelong to meet up with some car-club buddies. We mosied on out to Torquay for dinner at the Torquay Hotel-Motel. I do apologise in advance for the low quality of the pictures, it was not brightly lit in there.

I of course had my usual chicken schnitzel, complete with vegies (fresh not frozen - WOW) and chips with a lashing of gravy. I didn't think I'd be able to finish it, but I did, and it was gooooooood.

The other gal in the group ordered the calamari. When I asked how it was she made the "weeeeelllll......" flap of her hand. It was apparently OK, but if the calamari had been allowed to cook another minute or two it would have been rather overdone. Also the tartare sauce was missing something. I'd be interested to hear how this dish has been for others. Calamari, when done well, is brilliant: even I like it. But when it's not....

The three boys decided to be "men" (laugh, snigger) and ordered the plate of bbq ribs each. I have to say, that plate of ribs was impressive. Also apparently delicious. What you see above is actually TWO racks of ribs with a little bit of salad and some chips (and maybe fried onion shreds? Not sure, forgot to ask). We gals sat it out to see who would pike, and who would finish. First one admitted defeat, then another, leaving just one left in the race. There was a late revival from one of the guys, but he admitted absolute defeat a rib or two later. Full congratulations to Bongi, who really is gifted... with a bottomless stomach. I'm curious where the hell he put all that food!

If you're in Torquay and after some decent pub grub, this is the place to go. It also offers accommodation. At the time of typing this blog their website address isn't working, but hopefully that will change. For future reference it's here.

Post-post Post: Oh my, how on earth could I forget?! I ordered a tall scotch and dry... and they use Black Douglas scotch! Not Johny Walker Red! Not some brand I've never heard of!! And it was gooooooooooood.


mellie said...

Those ribs look huge! Urgh...I think that is way too much bone-age for me :-)

Anna said...

Yeah, same here! The guy in the pic is a chef (I think..) anyway as he was eating I was telling him about the ribs at Piadina (you know, red wine, marmalade, green tea etc. marinated, slow cooked...) he wants to try 'em.