Friday, September 11, 2009

Santini Family Restaurant

Shop 2/102 Watton Street, Werribee 3030
P: 03 9742 3977

Well, I've been to the places on either side of Santini, so it wouldn't really be fair to not mention the place. Then again, maybe it would be fairer if I didn't...

I mean, when the restaurant each side of somewhere is rather full, but that particular place is rather... empty... well, that's a sign, right?

Things started out quite well, with a very yummy garlic pizza entree. Bloody nice, actually.

Things continued moderately well with the antipasto platter. Except for the prawns and the smoked salmon... and the calamari was a touch tough...

But this - this was what completely turned me off the place. We both ordered porterhouse steaks: mine medium with a dianne sauce, his well done with a peppercorn sauce. First problem - steaks came out with the wrong sauces: medium with peppercorn, well done with dianne. I mean, come on, why don't people seem to bother writing down orders any more? But then, once we'd swapped plates so we at least had the right sauces I noticed something... if THAT (not the one pictured) was a porterhouse steak cut of meat, I'll eat a raw oyster (NB: those things disgust me). It looked more like a de-boned chop. Either way, neither steak was all that appetising. That said, the mashed potato was fabulous. Shame we had to pay for the rest of the stuff on the plate.

So yeah, if I was after a few garlic pizzas I'd drop in to Santini again in a heartbeat, but for anything else, well, I think I'll give it a miss. Particularly when the options on either side of it are so much better.

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