Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crown of India

Shop 3, 102-104 Watton Street
Werribee 3030
P: 03 9731 0177

I've always bemoaned the lack of, well, if not "fine dining", then "good" or even "adequate" dining in the outer western suburbs.

There is, in fact, a tiny section of Werribee that at least looks the part. It's not a very big section. In fact, it's not even a handful of establishments. It's at the (snigger) Cultural Centre end of Watton Street. But still, I have high hopes of a little success.

Last week I decided to try Crown of India. I have to admit, I don't like it when restaurants keep their lighting so dim that you have trouble seeing. But hey, as I walked in the door the smells certainly grabbed me. I decided against dining in (I'm not a huge fan of eating out alone), so ambled up to the counter to look over the take-away menu. Interesting... If you can't find something here to tempt you, then you are far too fussy.

Entrees cover the usual suspects of samosa, pakoras, onion bhaji, but with a choice of 19 entrees, you can imagine that there is a fair choice available. You'll also find plenty of old friends over the rest of the menu. There are plenty of meat options, and a fair variety of vego dishes too.

I decided to order some vegetable samosa, and butter chicken with roti. I figured butter chicken is still quite edible even when it's not quite how I like it.

But this... this was great. A lot of butter chicken dishes are SO sweet, with no punch of spices to chase each other around your mouth. Not so this time. There was that little bit of sweetness that you might expect from butter chicken, but oh wow, the other flavours were fabulous. The roti were ok, but I have had better. The samosas were lovely. I think I'd happily eat at Crown of India...

... except the service wasn't so great. I was greeted with a smile, but when I said I wanted to order some take away suddenly nearly all friendliness disappeared. It's something I've experienced at other places before, and it baffles me. Is my money not as good as that of someone who dines in?

In any case, I was happy with my meal. Score one for the outer western suburbs!

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Anonymous said...

Saw your blog had to comment...Love the Crown of India...really great food - for take away Indian I suggest the Curry Guru just up a bit further back into town on Watton. This is "supposedly" owned by the same people. The also own the Indian Roast in Hoppers Crossing...but for fine dining Crown of India is the way to go.

We don't have that many great places to eat in Werribee but the Crown is a Gem!

Ploy Thai...this place started well but I feel it's gone down since opening.

You were brave to try Santini as it is always empty when i go past.

You could try Bafetti's which is next to the Crown, another one is at the opposite end of Watton St is Vietnamese Take Away - which is really good - I suggest number 26!

For other great restuarants in the west...may I suggest Cafe Fidama in Yarraville (Ballarat St) also in the same street is a Tapas place across the road from the Sun Theatre - think it's called Yarra something.

Anyway nice blog...hope your still playing WoW!