Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ploy Thai

Shop 1, 102-104 Watton Street
Werribee 3030
P: 03 9974 1872

I really really wanted to enjoy my meal from Ploy Thai for several reasons:

One was that the restaurant was well lit without being garishly bright.

Two was the cutlery - it looked fairly authentically Thai.

Three was the staff. They were SO incredibly cheerful and pleasant.

And four was that I LOVE Thai food. I'm hard-pressed to think of a cuisine that I enjoy more.

I'm so glad things worked out.

Following on from my investigations into dining out options, mainly in Werribee, I skipped next door to Crown of India to see what was on offer at Ploy Thai. Again I decided to get some takeaway to eat in the comfort of home.

I had a tough choice deciding what to have as an entree. Right up until I opened my mouth to order I thought I was going to have vegetable spring rolls with plum sauce, but when I spoke I found myself saying "one serve of mini toast, please".

Mini toast is quite possibly NOT good for you. I don't care. If I may paraphrase the menu, it is "Thai style fried toast topped with marinated chicken and bacon served with sweet chilli sauce". Even though by the time I got it home and served up it was a little cool, this entree was just delicious. Obviously it would be even better freshly dished up out of the frypan.

I have a very hard time passing up a masaman curry beef when it's on the menu, and this time was no different. Thankfully, they were missing a key ingredient for the masaman, so the girls suggested I try the Chiang Mai Chicken Curry instead.

How incredibly lucky for me. When I'd perused the menu I'd marked this dish as something I'd try in the future, so it was no hardship for me to order it now. And it was sooooooo good. A beautifully flavourful mild creamy curry sauce, with the most tender cubes of chicken that fell apart with a little coaxing from my spoon, and chunks of potato and carrot with a smattering of cashews. So really, it wasn't all that different to a masaman, but this was so good that I can hardly wait till I get to have a crack that.

Oh yeah, I'm going back.

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