Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Babbo Steak Sandwich

Oh my.


For those who may not have heard, Mel and I get our work-time coffees from a place called Espressino (now renamed Babbo - but it's still the same crew). Every Thursday and Friday they serve pasta for lunch. We've christened Wednesdays "Surprise Day", as they've started serving up something special.

Today was (it sounds much fancier in Italian) steak sandwich. But this is no ordinary steak sandwich. Oh no, this is far, far more.

Imagine this: perfectly cooked minute steak topped with lettuce, tomato, caramelised red onion and a horseradish dressing, in a crispy ciabatta roll. Uh huh. My powers of description quite probably don't do it justice, but this was one amazing lunch. Unfortunatley I didn't even take my phone with me to take a pic (BAD blogger!), but this thing looked the goods, smelt the goods, and dammit all, it WAS the goods.

I'm hoping it will make a return appearance one day at Babbo. If I wasn't full, I'd have had another one!


mellie said...

So bummed I missed it, although the grilled whole sea bream at Royal Mail in Dunkeld was da business :-)

Anna said...

I'll be expecting to read all about it! Oh, also, left a little something on your desk for you :)