Monday, December 31, 2007

A New Year

On this, the last evening of 2007, I find I'm reflecting on what has happened over the past twelve months.

There's been plenty of good food, new experiences, and good company.

I've decided to take control of my body and what I do to it by joining a gym, beginning to lose weight, learning to make exercise a part of my life, and making better food choices.

There's also been a relationship breakup and the rediscovery of single life, and new friends. I'm working on my discomfort with new people.

I've shaved my head, confronted my fears of heights and crowded spaces (neither are conquered, but it has begun), and settled comfortably into my home.

I've decided what I want from the next twelve months, and I'm putting things in place to achieve these goals.

Have a great evening and 2008 everyone. Sink a drink or two for me during your celebrations, have a happy and safe evening, and catch you all in the new year.


mellie said...

And a Happy New Year to you as well Anna!

If there is anything I can do to help you achieve your goals, you just let me know :-) It has been an absolute pleasure being mates with you.

Here's to 2008 being a bigger and better year for the both of us.

Anna said...

Thanks Mel. You're a beautiful person, it was a good day for me when you got that job and started working next door!

melbourne dreaming said...

And here's to being single and happy during 2008 - I so sympathise with what you have been through, and I am glad to hear you are doing well and looking forward to some good stuff...

Take care!

xx k