Monday, December 10, 2007

Gym: Update!

Hi All,

Well, I had another fitness assessment tonight.

Results since beginning:

Weight lost: 5kg (nearly 6kg)
Blood Pressure: greatly lowered
Resting HR: wow... now down to 65bpm. Back in August it was still 75bpm. When I started it was even higher
Biceps: 3cm lost
Waist: 27cm lost
Legs: 3cm lost
Calves: 2cm lost
Waist/Hips Ratio: now 0.75 (last assessment 0.78) No idea what that was to start with.

So there you go. Results could be achieved quicker, the reason they're not is my own fault. But hey, kilo's keep going, and centimetres keep disappearing, so I'm happy enough. If I really ramped up my gym sessions and radically changed my diet things would happen quicker, but for me that wouldn't be sustainable. So I figure I'm getting the results just changing things slowly, so that's good enough for now. Here's hoping my trip home to mum's at Christmas won't undo all this good work: she feeds everyone like a stockman!


mellie said...

You go girl! I'm so proud of you :-)

I'll try not to lead you astray!

Anna said...

The funny thing is that even WITH being led astray a little, I've still got results! OK, they could have been quicker, but they STILL HAPPENED!

So there ya go - be naughty a little, but work a little harder to make up for it ;-)