Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Baking: Jam Drops

Visiting home for Christmas and helping (hindering?) Mum in the kitchen brought back to me all the times when I was a kid and she'd let me help (hinder?!?!!) her with various steps of the baking. I remember when she used to make jam drops, and I'd have the very serious and important job of putting the little dollop of jam in the middle... not too much, or it'll go everywhere, but not too little or you may as well not have bothered sticking it on in the first place.

After reading the Kitchen Wench's post on her pre-Christmas baking marathon I was inspired to try making these little gems again. You'll find the recipe I used here.

Now, mine don't look as good as the picture on Taste.com.au, nor as good as Kitchen Wench's - personally I blame the jam I was using, it wasn't the best. But they still taste good! Perfect accompaniment to a cup of tea... although what I'm doing baking with no air conditioning when it's 40 degrees outside is quite a mystery to me.

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