Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Why Don't People Think of the Furry Ones?

I was reading this morning about the number of little furry people (ie. pets) surrendered to the RSPCA over Christmas. I followed the link in the article to the Society's Adopt A Pet page.

It hurts my heart to read about the many animals that are left homeless, especially at this time of year. I mean, I literally get a pain in my chest when I think about it. Why do people do it? Why do people take on the responsibility of another life if they are not ready for it? And why do people buy another life as a surprise gift for someone else? The choice to have a pet is a very personal one, as is the choice of the pet itself.

Growing up we always had at least one dog around, and usually a cat. Actually, there were usually several dogs - the benefits of a country upbringing. We loved the animals, and they were as much a part of our family as we were. I really REALLY miss having the company. I would love a dog. And a cat. Or even two dogs and a cat. But I won't do it, at least not in the foreseeable future. Why not? Because I'm away from home 12-14 hours every week day, and weekends aren't much better. Sure, a dog would be a handy addition to deadbolts and alarms as home security, but it's not fair on the animal. Some people say "Oh, but a cat would cope with that much better". Whether that is true or not, I wouldn't feel happy about leaving the animal alone for that length of time.

That's my 2c-worth, anyway.

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