Tuesday, July 06, 2010

NAIDOC Week Cake

For those who don't know, the first full week in July is NAIDOC week. At work we had a morning tea.

This is the cake:

I thought it wasn't a bad effort at all, given the significant lack of equipment! What you see here is a chocolate cake with a vanilla centre, with a vanilla icing centre yellow spot and the rest is chocolate icing.

Here's the cake cross-section:

Yep, it was black, yellow and red on the inside too! The black and red are chocolate (with food colouring to achieve the result). The yellow is plain vanilla (once again, with food colouring).

Definitely the most creative I've been with baking for a LONG time :)


mellie said...

but, but, but...you haven't told us how you did it! How did you get all the cake batter not to mush together!?

Anna said...

LOL I think more by luck than design... three different bowls of cake batter, dolloping each in where it was wanted it in turn. You can see the lines aren't nice and neat for each section of colour, which is partly why it ended up iced as well. And also why the cake was so bloody big! Still, I was surprised when I got into work yesterday and it looked like it was nearly all gone.

Forgot to mention that thanks must go to a friend who sacrificed her evening to come and make this for me (I became more than a little bossy during the process), as I didn't want to breathe my flu over it all.