Saturday, June 19, 2010

Quince Jam with Vanilla and Cinnamon

I've never actually SEEN a quince before. Well, until I went to the Collingwood Childrens' Farmers' market last weekend, that is. I have to admit, I had a ball. I drank some incredibly decent coffee, had an amazingly good breakfast, and bought some damn fine ingredients.

One of which was a bag of quinces. These little buggers are funny things to look at, but they smell divine. I've always liked the flavour when I've had quince paste, but decided in a moment of (seeming) madness to buy some fresh and see what I could do.

Well, I ended up being incredibly boring and making some jam.

I peeled and cored 5 quinces then sliced them relatively finely and threw them in a pot with a little water, some vanilla paste (as I didn't have any vanilla pods handy), a cinnamon stick, and about 400-450g of sugar. After simmering that for, well, quite a while, I ended up with this:

Little jars of, I have to admit, deliciousness. Not bad for my first attempt at using quinces, and I think I'm slowly getting the hang of making this jam stuff. Anyone wanna jar?


mellie said...

Way to go with the quinces! Well done!

I have been eating mine for brekky the last week, which I poached for eight hours in the oven. They turn the most delicious deep dark red, and are sooo sweet. Lovely jubley.

Barbara said...

Sounds great. My Greek soon to be daughter in law made a Greek style quince preserve recently which was wonderful.