Wednesday, February 27, 2008

I'm an Aunty!!

Well, kind of.

At 1.45am this morning an old friend (I think we've been friends 17 years or so) gave birth to an 8 pound 14 ounces (for the more modern among you, I think that's about 4kg) girl, Emily Grace. Mum and bub doing well now, although Mum had a slight turn after the delivery (wouldn't you?!?!).

I have no idea when I'll get to visit the new family member - Casino is a long way from Melbourne! Can't wait for pictures... I'm hoping my mum will come good and send me something in the next day or so.

Gimme some champers!!

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melbourne dreaming said...

Congrats! I am breaking open the bubbly for you even as I type... well, it is leftover birthday bubbly, but still!

Lots of my friends have had babies (some as many as FOUR) since I have been away, and it is hard missing out on that big change in their life - maybe you should go visit?

xx k