Friday, February 08, 2008

Banana Jam

I have these pleasant memories of mum in her kitchen when I was younger, simmering up all kinds of sweety-goodness - grape jam, tomato and passionfruit jam, plum jam, gooseberry jam... I'd often sniff my way into the kitchen, only to get a deft swat with the wooden spoon and told to stay out. Fair enough - hot, sugary liquid burns like hell, and I'm a klutz.

But until recently I'd never tried this myself. My first attempt, nectarine butter, worked well enough, with plenty of room for improvement. Then Mel directed me to this recipe a couple of weeks ago, and I knew I had to try it.

I'd never heard of banana jam before. But it seemed like fate when, last weekend at work, one of the vege stalls was selling banana's for a mere $1 per kilo. It was a sign, I tell you! What else could I do but buy up big?

I used Matt's recipe (can't be bothered typing it up), and it worked well for me. Fair warning is given about licking the spoon, which I fixed by waiting for anything on the spoon to cool slightly before running my finger over it. However I think my idea of "low heat" must be different to other people's - the recipe says the mix takes about 30 minutes to get thick, where mine took a fraction over an hour. I also reduced the amount of cinnamon slightly, and only added a little over a cup of sugar. In any case the results are well worth the effort, I say. Teamed with peanut butter in a toasted sandwich, this is just DIVINE. I still have about a kilo of bananas and some limes, so as soon as I get a few more jars I'll be brewing up another batch!

Oh yes, quantities: this recipe gave me one full small pasta-sauce jar (about 375g, I think?) and about half of another the same size.


Anonymous said...

Hey Anna,

Glad to see it turned out so well for you :)

Reminds me that I need to make another batch soon. I think I'll use a bit less sugar this time as well, as mine was super sweet... Not that it's a bad thing :)

Alexiev said...

mmmm... That hunger that it gives me...

Best wishes from Buenos Aires...
Alexiev Store

Anonymous said...

sounds delicious! I've never heard of banana jam, but that with peanut butter has got to be good!