Monday, April 16, 2007

It's DONE!

Well, folks, it's done! Thanks to some very generous people I not only reached my target of $1,000, but passed it! And so, true to my word, today I became shorn.

My thanks to No Frills Hairdressing at Wyndham Village shopping centre on Sayers Road in Tarneit. The lady who did it for me at first looked at me like I was nuts! She even offered me a few minutes to think it over. But I said "no, I said I'd do it if I reached my target, so I'm doing it!". She laughed, and off we went. She was nice enough to tie it up for me before she snipped so I could keep it. After that I shook my hair out and damn if it actually didn't look good in that little bob. Just between you and me, if I hadn't reached my total that's the haircut I was going to get anyway, so it was good to see it looked nice. Well, then she started snipping the long bits off in preparation of shaving, and damn if that didn't look too bad too!

So we started with the No. 4. It was kind of like a head massage. But when I saw the length of the 4 I said "nah, let's go a bit shorter" so we ended up going with a No. 3. And I don't think the results look too bad!


mellie said...

You go girl! Well done! I'm so proud of you - and just think of all the money you have raised for leukaemia research. You're da bomb :-)

Anna said...

Thanks :)

AND I'm saving money on shampoo and conditioner, not to mention time in getting ready, and water for showers! I spent SO much time just cleaning and grooming my damned hair, and the amount of shampoo and conditioner I went through was ridiculous! I think I'm going to enjoy quick showers and not going through nearly so much cleaning products!

thanh7580 said...

Good work Anna, you raised so much money for charity.

I did the shave for a cure last year and it was great to have no hair for a while. I do recommend you get a hat, not to hide your head but it does get a bit chilly sometimes and I never realised hair insulated our heads so much.

Anna said...

Thanks Thanh.

Unfortunately I didn't bother really looking for my hats or a beanie until this morning, and then didn't have time! So it was a little chilly on the train platform :)

I did however enjoy the 4-minutes it took to shower this morning instead of 10. And the quick swipe with a towel that it took to do my hair, instead of towel-drying, combing, more combing, etc.

No-one's at work yet, can't wait to see if there are any reactions to it!

thanh7580 said...

The get out of the shower and quickly dry your head phase is wonderful. Its so easy not having to brush and style your hair.

I'm about to get a haircut soon, hmmm, I might go for a short shave instead.

cin said...

wow, that's brave! Welldone on reaching your goal too. I've been colouring my hair for the last couple of years but NO WAY is it getting shaved off :)

Anna said...

Hehe, cin, I thought I'd be horrified at having to shave it off, but really, it isn't so bad! Besides, I've been colouring my hair for the past 10 years to cover the grey, so it had colour-on-colour-on-colour... now it's back to my actual natural colour, which I'd forgotten :) Thankfully no greys have presented themselves... yet. I'm sure if I give 'em time they'll show up.