Monday, April 30, 2007

Eating Out: Ruby

Level 1 Highpoint Shopping Centre, Maribyrnong
Ph: 03 9317 0822

The Search for a Super Parma website is a truly great creation. So when the Mr and I were looking for somewhere to do dinner to celebrate him putting up with me for a year (he's a very patient fellow), this is where we headed. He had told me about this website a few times, but could never remember the address. Finally I saw it, and it's great.

We had trouble deciding on a venue. There's only 1 point difference between the top six places! We ended up going with number seven - the pub-type establishment called Ruby at Highpoint (which scores 17 out of a possible 20). Partly because it was pretty conveniently close, and we had never eaten in Maribyrnong before. So, we rocked up, expecting to just be able to order "the parma" and be done.


I should have taken more notice of the menu. There must have been nearly a dozen different parma variations. Sure, you could get your usual run-of-the-mill parma, but there was so much more on offer. What you see above is what was called "#26". Instead of ham, tomato sauce type stuff and cheese it had smokey BBQ sauce, lightly cooked onions, sliced roasted capsicum and bocconcini with a smattering of, dammit what are they called, spring onions (?) on top. Not sure how well the picture above shows it, but it was HUGE. The salad had a mix of leaves with cucumber, tomato and red onion with a really light balsamic dressing. And the chips. Oh my goodness, the chips. Somewhat chunky, and so crisp on the outside! Even when we'd given up trying to eat everything on our plate and they had gone cold, they were still crunchy!

I'd definitely recommend this place. It was a quiet night when we got there (about 7.30). Apparently Monday and Tuesday nights it's quite busy, mostly with uni students, as Ruby does Parma happy hours :-) That's right! I believe it is something like, order a parma at 6pm, pay $6. 7pm, $7. Of course that's going to be a hit with students! The staff were pretty nice too. And Hoyts is just a short stroll away if you want to catch a movie while you digest your meal.

Give it a go. Or check out the Parma website for somewhere else to try. And if you've had an excellent parma, either from one of the top 50 or from somewhere else, let me know!


kitchen hand said...

Well, well! Highpoint Shopping Centre. I'm so old I can remember when it wasn't there - it was a drive-in movie place. Originally, the shopping cnetre was called Highpoint West. I bought my oldest child's first stroller there in 1977.

Anna said...

Wow, that was a while ago! I have to admit, I wasn't even a twinkle in my dad's eye back then. It's amazing how much something can change.