Saturday, November 06, 2010

6 November, a day to remember

Today I went to a BBQ at my brother's place. While I'd had my suspicions, it was still a surprise (and I hasten to add it was a very happy one) when he announced, after we'd arrived, that he and his partner were being married that morning.

It was a beautiful backyard ceremony, moving in its simplicity. A small number of people were there; some knew of the wedding, others didn't. The short ceremony was heart-felt, and the happiness of the bride and groom were wonderful to see (even if the groom had lost his voice!). Needless to say, the BBQ after was a truly happy occasion.

I've long thought of my brother's now-wife as a member of my family, often referring to her in conversation as my sister-in-law, or just sister. I'm not sure how she feels about that, but she's definitely part of the family now, and she'll never escape!!

Congratulations Marty and Missy, I couldn't be happier for you both. And Missy - welcome to the family, in all our wacky glory!

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