Saturday, September 04, 2010

French Toast (again), Sweet-style

You might remember my last post on french toast (holy skulking bad guys, Batman, that was a long time ago!). This is my latest. I hadn't ever had this before, but thinking about the flavours, I really hoped it'd work.

Again, I didn't really plan this well, so instead of extra-thick-cut slutty-white-bread I had to use my usual sandwich-cut multigrain. But hey, that means it's healthy, right? Right?!

So, for just li'l old me, I lightly beat 2 eggs (for me, at least free range, if not organic) with a splosh of milk and dunked a slice of bread in until it was well and truly soaked. While it was cooking in the pan I grabbed some vanilla yoghurt (I prefer Jalna) from the fridge and mixed a generous swirl of maple syrup through it. I took the first piece of bread out of the pan and put in on a plate, then dunked another piece of bread in the egg mix and got that cooking.

While THAT one was cooking I added another squeeze of maple syrup to the leftover egg mix, sliced up half a banana, and tossed the pieces through the egg mix. Once the second piece of bread was done I put it on top of the first piece of bread. Then I threw the banana slices into the pan and dribbled some of the egg over the top. After half a minute I flipped the banana slices over. Another half minute and off went the heat.

Now to assemble. I dribbled the yoghurt over the top of the french toast. I dumped the banana slices on top (mmm semi-firm on the outside, warm and gooey on the inside). Hm, it was missing something... I know, another dollop of maple syrup over the top!

Almost gives ya a toothache just lookin' at it, don't it? Actually, while the was ample sweetness, the tang of the yoghurt cut through it nicely and saved it from being sickly.

So after all that, did the flavours mix as well as I'd hoped they would?

What do you think?

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