Friday, January 15, 2010

A Cop Speeding? No, surely not!

I heard this story on the radio this morning: Victoria's Deputy Commissioner for Road Policing, Ken Lay, was caught speeding at 10km over the limit.

Whoa, get outta here, a member of the police force was speeding?! Holy cow, that's amazing, that's fantastic, that's.... not surprising at all.

Do you know the numer of times I've seen police cars travelling well over the speed limit? No lights or sirens, nothing. Oh, and not using their indicators. And straddling lanes. And running red lights. And a myriad other illegal actions. It's not just a Victorian thing either - a few years ago in Canberra I was travelling along Canberra Avenue, past Manuka, and a police car hammered past me going well over the 60kph speed limit, weaving through the traffic. Guess where I next saw them? KFC drive-through. Musta been REAL hungry.

So I'm not all that surprised that a policeman was speeding. That he was caught, and fined, and lost the points, now THAT I'm surprised at.

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Stuart said...

True. Love the one rule for some, another rule for another business. However I heard somewhere that police don't actually have to use their lights while speeding to get to an incident which I think is stupid, for public relations if nothing else. Doesn't explain the KFC one though.