Sunday, December 27, 2009

Leftover Pizza... but not as you know it

This Christmas was unlike any other in my life. There is, however, always one constant: lots and LOTS of leftover roast meat. We're always trying to come up with ways of using it up. Mum and I weren't sure about this one, but it ended up working a treat.

You usually talk about leftover pizza being the pizza you didn't finish last night. This pizza wasn't pizza to begin with.

This morning I made corn fritters for breakfast and, with the batter I had left after making plenty of little ones, I made one big fritter, the size of the pan. Mum asked me what I was doing. I said we'd work out something. We did.

On Christmas Day we started lunch with some biscuits and dips. There was still some left.

Also on Christmas Day we had roasted turkey and ham. There was a LOT.

And it all had to be eaten, because we don't like waste.

So we took the big fritter, smeared some roasted capsicum dip on top, diced up some turkey and ham and threw that on with a smattering of grated cheese.

Surprisingly, it was quite tasty!

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