Tuesday, December 08, 2009

I can't think of a title...

Oh. Oh oh oh oh oh.

It's truly pathetic how excited I am by it, but I have a new vacuum cleaner.

It's a Dyson.

It's awesome.

In fact, it's awesomely awesome. Its awesomeness is almost blinding. It is so awesome, I can't stop saying the word "awesome", and I haven't said it this much in at least a decade. And it's starting to look like I'm spelling it wrong. Anyway. This thing is just... well, yeah, you know.

I did a quick run around half the house when I got it home the other night, it took about half the time as it normally would, cos instead of going over the same spot heaps of times to suck stuff up, I just had to go over it once. And my god, you should SEE the crap that's come out of my carpets - they haven't looked this good since they were new! (Although I'm a little embarrassed at bragging how much crap has come out of my carpets... dang).

I never thought I'd be so excited about something that I have to use to clean my house.

These babies aren't cheap, but damn if it's not the best thousand bucks (or near enough to) I've spent in a while.

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