Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I lived in Canberra for nearly eight years. By the end of that I was positively screaming to leave. To this day, more than three years later, I'm very grateful for whatever made me take the plunge and leave, and to work for letting me make the move to Melbourne and keep my job while I'm at it - it took a large weight off my mind! And until this year any trip back to Canberra for work was usually greeted (by me) with a long-suffering sigh and much rolling of the eyes. But earlier this year that all changed.

For one thing, a good friend of mine moved back there. And then she had her son. Now I have two really, really big reasons to look forward to any trip to Canberra. This week was one of those times and, with N's permission, I'd like to introduce you to them.

This is N and her son D. On N's request I've blanked out D's face, and I made the offer knowing she would agree. But if you could just see the big grin on his face in this pic...

And in this one too! Yep, there's Aunty Anna, doing the soppy holding-the-baby thing. I've never been big on babies, really. They've always kinda scared me - I'm scared I'll drop 'em, or hold 'em too tight, or they'll cry... I'm still scared! But holding D and watching him is just amazing. He hadn't seen me since he was four days old, so to start with he wasn't sure if he liked the look of me or not. But once I made the knitted blue whale toy I'd brought him put little whale kisses all over his face and hands (and he'd had a feed...) he warmed up :-) I got drooled on, and I didn't even mind (well, not much...). I can't wait to see him grow and the person he'll continue to develop into.

And this is all good practice for me for when I my brother has his first, due next year. But D will always be my favourite little man :-)

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