Monday, November 24, 2008

Accidents. Well, Near-Misses Anyway

I was walking through the CBD on my way to work this morning and saw a lady in front of me narrowly miss being collected by a cyclist.

He had come whizzing down the hill at an incredible pace, and obviously didn't feel like stopping for the red light (or maybe he couldn't? But then why ride in such a fashion that you can't stop in time for red lights?). Cue the little green man for the lady and I to start crossing the road and WHOOPS, he came within half a metre of her as he swerved around (which was part of the evasive manoeuvre he took to avoid someone crossing on the other side of the intersection). The poor lady got a nasty shock.

Lucky for the cyclist that the cars who got the green were a little slow off the mark today, hm? He could have ended up quite messily.

I have no problems with people riding their bicycles on the road (good luck to 'em). But hell, if you're going to do that obey the rules, and watch out for other people.

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